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"Vtear" consists of "V" and "Tear", "V" stands for "victory" and "Tear" stands for "tears"; all achievements are backed by countless tears and sadness. Upholding difficulties and persevering, so "Vtear" is born; We have 5,000 square meters of workshops, mainly producing all kinds of automobile armrest box products, with a daily output of 10,000 sets, covering all hot sale models in the world . The products are made of high quality plastic and have high pressure resistance and wear resistance. That are all made by special car, which can be directly inserted into the original hole. It is very convenient. At present, the product has a rotating model and a USB double-layered model. Different products are designed to meet the needs of all customers. The product has black black wire and black. Red, gray, and beige colors are available. Customers can choose the color that matches their car interior.